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Our advanced logistics, our qualified personnel and collaborators are at your disposal 24 hours a day, so that together we can perform the most competitive and most efficient activity in due time.

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Europrim can organize sea transport for all existing cargo types between Constanta port and abroad. The cargo can be transported in FCL (Full Container Loads) system or LCL (Less Container Loads) system all around the globe.

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Europrim provides efficient and appropriate air freight traffic to all the destinations in the world by the services of the most important agencies using air liners and also charters for your imported or exported cargo.


Authorised Economic Operator

Following the succesful ISO 9000:2001 certification granted last year by IQNet, Europrim Shipping has recently become Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) according to European standards, confirming once again the leading position of our group within the Romanian freight forwarding market.

This accreditation means that Europrim will benefit preferred customs treatment resulting in faster customs clearance and in the same time less physical shipments checks, on behalf of its customers. During the last 6 months of auditing, Europrim successfully complied with all the Customs Authority inspections and audits including the required financial standing, application of suitable management and operational procedures as well as fruitful meetings with personnel and physical inspection of our operated depots and workplaces.

We present below an excerpt from the European Commission website, explaining the AEO concept:

"An AEO who meets the security and safety criterion is considered to be a secure and safe partner in the supply chain. This means that the AEO does everything in his power to reduce threats in the supply chains where he is involved. The AEO status, including the possibility to use the AEO logo, enhances his reputation.

AEO benefits:
Easier admittance to customs simplifications.
Prior notification when, as a result of security and safety risk analysis, the consignment has been selected for further physical control.
Reduced data set for entry and exit summary declarations.
Fewer physical and document-based controls.
Priority treatment of consignments if selected for control.
Choice of the place of controls.
Indirect benefits: reduced theft and losses, fewer delayed shipments, improved planning, improved customer service, improved customer loyalty, improved inventory management, improved employee commitment, reduced security and safety incidents, lower inspection costs of suppliers and increased co-operation, reduced crime and vandalism, improved security and communication between supply chain partners.
Recognised as a secure and safe business partner.
Improved relations with Customs.
Improved relations and acknowledgement by other government authorities."

Source: European Commission website

The certificate can also be found on our website here.

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