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Our advanced logistics, our qualified personnel and collaborators are at your disposal 24 hours a day, so that together we can perform the most competitive and most efficient activity in due time.

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Europrim can organize sea transport for all existing cargo types between Constanta port and abroad. The cargo can be transported in FCL (Full Container Loads) system or LCL (Less Container Loads) system all around the globe.

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Europrim provides efficient and appropriate air freight traffic to all the destinations in the world by the services of the most important agencies using air liners and also charters for your imported or exported cargo.



For extremely urgent shipments, your tight schedule and delivering your goods as quickly as possible becomes our top priority. Our company offers premium hand-carry / on-board courier services, this type of facilty involving an Europrim employee dedicated exclusively to this special transport, to ensure that your cargo is under our control from pickup up to the final destination. For maximum safety and whenever possible, our courier retain physical possession of the package during shipment. Since the very order sent by the client, our team effectively manages all the details, from flight reservations to entry requirements and customs regulations anywhere in the world. In most cases this is the fastest available service you will receive in the international cargo transport. From your office desk to the end user, your transport is in our hands.


Whether you are looking for a swift solution as quickly as possible to carry a single package, several pallets or some oversized cargo, just let us know and Europrim will find the optimal aircraft to transport your cargo in the shortest horizon of time and maximum security, from pickup to door delivery.


Somehow similar to the courier on board special service, this kind of service is specially designed for customers who want safe delivery of their goods in the shortest time possible, but this time by road. It is especially suitable for shipments where the road distance from recepient to delivery can be covered in 12h. We personally pick the goods up from your warehouse and deliver as soon as possible, at a price significantly lower than the air transport.


If the goods that rely on your logistics supply chain are oversized, awkward, extremely heavy or if you are simply looking for an economical alternative to the international container transport because of your cargo volumes, our special projects department, chartering and transport conventional is available 24/7 for competitive logistics solutions.


The barge river transportation is one of the most environmentally friendly, competitive and efficient means of transport for large volumes of goods, especially in terms of the costs involved. Another advantage is that by using this means of transport, customers are able to avoid bottlenecks, congestions and restrictions that characterize the road transportation. At the same time this type of transport is increasingly encouraged by the European Union due to the ecological factors, as the fuel consumption per transported unit is significantly lower compared to the road transport.

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